Labor & Birth Support

As your care team, we offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth.Continuous labor support from a skilled provider has been shown to improve your chances to have a spontaneous vaginal delivery and to improve satisfaction with the birth experience.  At Breathe, we utilize tools that are represented by our name B: Breathing and relaxation, R: Re-positioning and movement, E: emotional support and encouragement, A: Alternative measures like Acupressure, T: Therapeutic touch and massage, H: Hydrotherapy & E: evaluation of progress and trying something else if  measures are ineffective.


Doula Support

Breathe Doulas

Each of our doulas have specific specialties and packages to suit your individualized needs. From essential oils and massage to photography. Our doulas are experienced in many kinds of births. Contact one of our amazing doulas to learn more.