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Monday with the Midwife, Episode 2, Kasy Wixon on Pregnancy and Birth Trauma, 10/15/18

On today's "Monday with the Midwife", we are joined by Kasy Wixon. Kasy is a doula who specializes in both sibling and trauma informed doula practice. Kasy will be speaking about

the various forms of trauma that can occur in pregnancy and birth and things that can be done to assist women who have suffered from trauma. We are so grateful for Kasy's contribution today and hope she can bring you valuable insights into dealing with trauma and loss. Next week on "Monday with the Midwife", Hilary Goodner will join us to discuss the role of a doula and the importance of continuous labor support. Check back each Monday as we bring a fresh perspective on pregnancy, birth and women's wellness topics.

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