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Women's Rights in Birth

Women's rights during pregnancy and birth are the topic of this week's Monday With the Midwife. Dr. Regina Kizer DNP-CNM, discusses things like; the right to healhcare in pregnancy, the right to current evidence based care, the right to choose a provider, the right to choose a birth setting, the right to leave a provider and choose an alternate, the right to have family attend a birth, the right to continuous support in birth, the right to move and give birth in the position they choose, the right to uninterrupted contact with baby (unless medically needed separation), the right to receive information on breastfeeding and may refuse actions that interfere with breastfeeding. These are just ten of the rights given to women in pregnancy. The websites mentioned in the video are and We hope you will join us next week as we discuss the mission of Breathe Birth and Wellness and will reveal the organization that we will be donating to for 2018. Please like and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see our new videos each week.

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